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Hey there! This is Mervana, the fat loss expert who LOVES food. My passion for nutrition started since a quite long time when I struggled with my own fat loss journey. Ever since I was 12  till I was 21 all I thought about was my weight number on the scale, the next diet trend I am going to try and when is my next cheat meal. My weight changed a lot, but what never changed is I was always depriving myself from food and hating my body!

In 2019, I decided to change this scenario and reconsider how to deal with my body. But, my curiosity towards this field sneaked in and never stopped! I did not only want to change my own life, I wanted to take this to the next level and help more people reach their goals too, without messing with their relationship with food nor their relationship with their bodies.

I started studying nutrition beside my original major (engineering), pursued my first certification in Sports Nutrition (IFPA | SNS) and that was just the beginning. I believe that the road to success is to never stop learning and to keep yourself updated with the all recent studies; so I continued with a several other certifications that include but not limited to: weight management (ISSA), fat loss expert (CPD), nutrition and lifestyle in pregnancy (LMU).

Started the professional path in Jan. 2020, when I launched Nutree as a platform where I help people take steps towards their health with no judgements, guilt or confusion 

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